People of Conscience

America the Beautiful on the Brink of National Suicide

Grassroots Intervention: Proposals for Positive Transformation

America has been pimped out to Wall Street by her enabler Politicians. She's been lied into wars-for-profit, de-industrialized and indebted to a Private Central bank that issues the dollar currency as a loan-at-interest. She's been disenfranchised by the Democrat and Republican Party machinery. Money in Politics is the single most important issue facing America. Pay-to-Play Politics means Special Interest Money decides the Nation's Policies and the People are not at all represented. THIS MUST CHANGE.

To that end People of Conscience recommends the following:

  • Get money out of Politics
  • Move for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United
  • Overturn Buckley v Valeo (i.e. Money as"free speech")
  • Money is not speech, it is power. Speech has the potential to persuade. Money is a quid pro quo, i.e. something given or received in exchange for something else. Money given or received for re-election campaigns or other considerations to public servants, even a promise to pay - is bribery. >>Continued>>.

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Institute Independent State Parties

The National Party System as it is known today is irrevocably corrupt.

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As witnessed by revelations of alleged Democrat National Committee malfeasance during the 2016 primaries. Also alleged Republican National Committee malfeasance during the 2016 primaries.

To this end, People of Conscience recommends the following:

  • Abolish National Political Parties & Committees
  • Institute Decentralized Independent State Party's
  • Revise 17th Amendment

Candidates for office would submit affidavits to the Secretary of State, vetted by their respective districts based on Citizenship and an ability to articulate cogent arguments in regard to issues of import to that State. Processing shall take place in the interim between election cycles. Public television will play a major role in covering the process, including local and national debates. Devoting at least six hours a day to the process. >>Continued>>>

Further Considerations

Vote Out Career Politicians. Recall all Congress persons who use their delgated powers to circumvent the Constitution; Repudiate all Debts Public and Private.

Nothing will ever change so long as a recalcitrant congress remains in power. They must either fall in line with the Constitution or be removed from office.

As a purely defensive measure against financial terrorism, the SWIFT system should be utilized for the freezing of assets amounting to over $500 Million pending investigation for fraud. Ill gotten gains will be deposited in escrow to pay off legitimate debts and targeted for public restitution.

To This End People of Conscience Recommend:

  • Recall all Politicians Who Resist Positive Transformation
  • Freeze majority share of Billionaire Assets Pending Investigation
  • Deposit ill gotten gains in escrow
  • Pay down all legitimate debts to those holding Government Bonds

These considerations are preliminary and not meant as final. Desperate times call for extraordinary measures. We need to start somewhere. Sections one through three should be immediately implemented as a matter of National Security.

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