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People are of a mind things never change. Especially when it comes to politics. It seems as if things have always been a certain way until the change comes all-of -a-sudden. Donald J. Trump may not be everyone’s idea of change for the better. But here we are. People of Conscience are of a mind there is a better chance of positive change away from the collectivist model offered by his opponent(s). Big Government always grows increasingly aloof and detached from the needs of the People, big money Special Interests corrupt the system and seek preservation of a corrupt system at any cost. Decentralization of power, (Nationalism vs Globalism) is necessary if America is to remain uniquely America.

If we are willing to understand the root of the problems we face and do something about them, we have a greater chance of Prosperity and Justice for ALL.

To this we dedicate ourselves….


Message to Humanity


2016 People’s Agenda vs The Political Dog & Pony Show

Science Set Free

WHO is “Anti-Government”?

Nationalism vs Globalism


Saving Social Security

Return of the Family Farm

Return to a Mom & Pop Economy