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Globalism = Slavery

While the rich men of the earth promise peace, an end to war, and prosperity through Global commerce, these are the same rich men who have prospered from the death of millions of people and sponsored every war for the last three hundred years.

Here is proof All Wars Are Banker’s Wars, (narrated by Michael Rivero)

The Rich man’s model for Global Government is visible, in miniature, via the European Union. It bears a semblance of ‘democracy’ in the form of an illusory parliamentary system  with an Unelected Commissariat at it’s head. Globalists realized, in order to gain consent of the governed, they needed to fool the masses into believing Europe was to be an economic union when in fact it is a political union of centralized power in the hands of elitist bankers.

Once the People are drawn in by economic necessity, they are held captive by fear and economic ruin if they don’t go along with the plan. At some point, the illusion is finally shattered and they wake to find themselves in full-on Totalitarian Collectivism, rule by naked force, a repressive regime held together by terroristic threat, jackbooted thugs, whose loyalties are won by sheer economic necessity, whose ruthlessness can be counted on to keep the majority in check.

There is a better way; but in order to secure the future of freedom we as a people must see to it that Globalism and the rule of money is held in check. To this we dedicate ourselves in putting forth ideas that will stem the juggernaut of totalitarian globalism.

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