As a matter of course, politicians are usually long on platitudes and short on specifics. Mainly because they depend on their Corporate sponsors and Special Interests to determine policy. Practically every problem facing America is rooted in the key issues outlined above. Some have already expressed the notion that such solutions are impracticable. We contend that if the above propositions are not duly implemented, NOTHING will change. The latter sentiment is already the consensus of most Americans albeit for different reasons.

Apathy cedes power to Identity Politics, (the party faithful), and those who use Government for personal gain. People feel that as long as they have the means to survive they could care less what Washington is up to. This is a grave mistake. One need only look at history to understand that things do not always remain as we believe they should. Americans in particular have been sold an illusion of prosperity, and thus far spared from the ravages of war.

Yet America has been quietly subverted from within. Special interest groups, funded and fomented by Big Money Internationalists, seek to redefine America according to a collectivist authoritarian model of government, (Globalism). Where an UNELECTED Commissariat, (Bankers & Corporate Stooges), dictate rules and regulations without checks or balances or public debate. This is the Totalitarian model that’s been imposed on Europe where a vestigial Parliament lends the APPEARANCE of Representative Democracy. ”Democratic Socialism” is in fact Totalitarian Communism under a different name. A wolf in sheep’s clothing waiting to be implemented worldwide.

Few indeed realize that Bolshevism was sponsored by Wall Street; Marxist Communism promised a “Worker’s Paradise” when in fact it delivered Banker’s Paradise where oligarchs owned all the nations wealth and natural resources. Such top-down government employs a blood red line of terrorist thugs to keep the people in line living at subsistence level poverty. America is headed that way if our Representatives continue to serve Moneyed Special Interests and are not held accountable to the people as servants in the Public Interest.

Desperate times call for extraordinary measures.