National Sovereignty vs Globalist Technocracy

The stated intention of politicians is always to get something done about ‘this’, ‘that’ or the ‘other’ as expressed by some wonderfully titled law with a warm and fuzzy happy ending. Invariably, the result is thousands of pages of gobbledygook guaranteed to screw us over. We have to remember this truly is the case largely because the Politicians represent Moneyed Special Interests and not the American People.

The Communists promised ‘Workers Paradise’ – what they got was an authoritarian nightmare and subsistence poverty. Today’s Politicians promise Globalization and ‘Free Trade’ – what we’ve gotten is a shrinking Middle Class, growing poverty and welfare dependence. Workers Paradise was actually Bankers Paradise where oligarchs owned all the means of production and natural resources. America is deeply in debt to a Private For-Profit Central Bank. The entire wealth of the nation, land, natural resources, industry and people are collateral on the fraudulent Federal Reserves debt system.
Few people realize that the Marxist Bolshevik Revolution was funded by Wall Street. This is documented historical fact [1]

The world is being dragged into this same scenario under the guise of “Free Trade”.

Even well-meaning sods are sold on the idea of global “Governance” as the means to achieve ‘World Peace’ – the problem is, the promise comes from the same gaggle of war-for-profit Bankers who’ve engineered every war since time immemorial. Well, now that they’ve nearly bought up the world, its politicians and natural resources through the Debt Monetary System of Central Banking, (paid as a loan-at-interest to themselves), they no longer need war, (or 7 Billion people).

Globalization is Global Government ruled by an unelected commissariat of psychopaths and their disposable sycophants. Europe is/was the guinea pig for this experiment in this ‘kinder gentler’ form of Technocracy. If the process is allowed to complete itself Globalization will be enforced by a kind of Red terror that usually accompanies Totalitarian rule.

Now, the people are now fighting back. At least nine other countries are petitioning for exit from the European Union. Globalism is an abject failure. It must needs be rescinded in favor of National Sovereignty, decentralization and more local representative Government.

National Sovereignty is given a bad name by Globalists who promise Utopian Paradise whose end is a Dystopian hell on earth. However, National Sovereignty is, by definition, power of, by and for the People; where government and economics are local and accountable to their respective counties and States.

We’re already seeing how unresponsive, unaccountable and arrogant Washington D.C. has become.
The discredited Bolshevik Media Complex is arrayed against anyone who stands up for National Sovereignty. Coiffed and dapper pointy-headed ‘experts’ in the media say “Globalism is going to happen and no-body can stop it”. This elitist attitude is meeting a sharp rebuke as evidenced by the Brexit, where Britons overwhelmingly voted to exit the Technocratic European Union body politic.

We in the United States have a rock-solid Constitution which is the form and substance of American Government. But we also have out-of-control Public Servants who believe THEY are the Government and have forgotten they are PUBLIC SERVANTS.[2] They have enriched themselves through the passing of laws for Private Interest Groups, Corporate Boards and the International Banking Cartel.

The much touted so-called ‘Free Trade Agreements’ like NAFTA, GATT, TTP and TTIP are not only unconstitutional, (sneaking past the definition of Treaty), but are not in the best interests of The People. They are a proven disaster to our economy. “Free Trade” should mean the trading of goods and services across borders, NOT sending our Industries to third-world countries so that corporations and their stockholders can take advantage of slave wages and huge profits.

Americans are deeply compassionate. We’d like to see our neighbor countries and those over seas built up through the nationalization of their own natural resources and used as currency in trade.

So far, Globalists, Establishment hacks and their surrogates have managed to demonize Nationalism. There must be more discussion of what Nationalism actually entails. Globalism is government of, by and for the very wealthy. Nationalization is a matter of the People’s ownership of its Natural Resources vs Privatization of the world’s natural resources to be exploited by Private Interest Groups, (PIGs) on Wall Street and the City of London.

National Sovereignty means local representation and control. Globalization means centralized control over every facet of society by a faceless body of UNELECTED Technocrats, i.e.; self-serving modern-day aristocrats (usually Bankers) who put themselves above the law and answer to no-one.


[1] Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Anthony Sutton

[2] WHO is “Anti-Government”


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