Who is Anti-Government?

According to the politicians, vested-interest pundits, and the collaborator Fake Stream Media, you and I are “Anti-Government” if we express dislike of certain Government policies. “You are either with us, or you are with the terrorists” as they are wont to say. Those who question the veracity of establishment narratives are labeled as ‘Conspiracy Theorists’. Anyone who questions the motives of known liars; i.e. politicians and the lapdog state-run media, is marginalized.

Astounding as it may seem, we are seeing Veterans, “Constitutionalists” and lawful gun owners being lumped in with terrorists, (Lexicon of Domestic Extremism). We see police and military training to ‘take on the American people’ in the event of ‘civil unrest’ (Rex84; NDAA; Re-settlement, Re-education Internment camps) Apparently people in Government know something we don’t?

Let’s take a deep breath and think about this. Let’s see who’s who from the standpoint of history and reason.

The Constitution of the United States is the form and substance of American Government. The people who work in Government are not the Government. They are not ‘Officials’ or ‘Authorities’ -they are PUBLIC SERVANTS. They take an Oath to the Constitution. The problem is we have people in Government who THINK they are the Government!

However, those in Public Service, like politicians, who take an oath to the Constitution and then use their position to circumvent the will of the People, or seek to do legislative end-runs around the Constitution are BY DEFINITION Anti-Government. Furthermore, those entrusted by the People to uphold and defend the Constitution who command underlings to obey and enforce unlawful orders are criminally liable as accessories before and after the fact, as are those who obey unlawful orders.

Put all this together with the fact that our rogue Anti-Government politicians and their minions are using NSA meta-data algorithms to profile ALL American citizens, even falsifying dossiers on those who oppose Anti-Government policies, brings us to the very sad conclusion that we have the makings of a dark scientific tyranny from which no-one shall escape.

Those who think they can just keep their head down and go-along-to-get-along don’t know their history. There are too many unknown variables to predict how things might turn out, but the Establishment has been put on notice by one unforeseen variable: Donald Trump.

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